How To Cut A Video On iPhone? 7 Easiest Methods For You

How to cut video on iPhone

Wanna know how to cut a video on iPhone? Yes, that’s the topic we discuss in this article. Shooting interesting films has become much smoother thanks to Apple’s excellent lens on its iPhone gadgets. A video shot on an apple is often too extensive in length. You might have to eliminate a particular area of your film at times.

That’s when a helpful video altering software comes in handy to meet your modifying clip requirements. Attempt editing your clip to enhance your records and incorporate narration.

You don’t require expensive editing tools for simple operations like cutting or reducing films and removing unnecessary segments. This guide will demonstrate how to cut a video on iPhone using the built-in application and propose several iOS clip-cutting applications.

Read more about cutting your preferred clips on your Apple device.

The incredible Apple lens makes it easy to create stunning, amusing, or fascinating clips on a smartphone. If you enjoy making videos, all you need to conduct is pull out your device and start shooting.

If you have plenty of clips, you probably also modify a lot, which necessitates knowing how to execute particular altering operations, including cutting. We’ll explore different options for cutting your movies, even adopting a third-party application. Let’s look at how to cut videos on iPhone.

How To Cut A Video On iPhone?

Let’s dig deep and see some best methods on how to cut videos on iPhones. 

Cutting a clip using the Video Editor

As several people know, the iPhone could cut and compress movies directly. However, a third-party tool, such as the Media Editor application, provides many additional choices for cutting and adding enhancements to your clips. Consequently, in this piece, we will look through how to cut a clip on a smartphone. Firstly, navigate to the App Store and get the application.

  • Launch Media Editor.
  • Navigate to Gallery or Clips to select your footage. To record a fresh clip, press the Camera button.
  • When you get your material, the clip editorial interface appears.
  • The cutter portion appears when you touch on the clip loop area.
  • Use the controls to cut parts from your footage’s start to end.
  • Next, tap the Checkmark icon in the corner of the display.
  • Lastly, click the Upload button to preserve and distribute your video.

Screen Recorder Is Another Method To Cut a Video On iPhone

Whenever it concerns online broadcasting, many people like responding to clips, how-to clips, courses, and other forms of content. To collect these kinds of videos, you’ll require a screen recording application on your smartphone.

Although your smartphone has a built-in screen recording function, the Display Recorder for apple adds a slew of new features. For instance, after your film has been completed and captured, you could utilize the Display Capture application’s built-in film cutter for How to cut a video on iPhone.

  • Select your clip from the My Collections menu.
  • Touch the Media Editor option from the base of your smartphone’s display.
  • Next, from the drop-down option, choose Trim.
  • Tap Cut Clip-on the smartphone’s Screen Recorder application.
  • Adjust the beginning and end-point bars to remove unwanted parts of your video.
  • Finally, select the Checkmark icon to complete your cutting.
  • Next, click the Export option.
  • Select a quality for your clip from the fall menu. 360p to 1080p formats are available.
  • Lastly, save your video to your smartphone’s Camera Roll or share it on social networking platforms like Insta and Fb.

Built-in Apps to Trim Videos on Iphones

Aside from a clip cutter, the software described above is helpful and provides extra functions. If you choose not to access third-party applications, you could alternatively try your iPhone’s built-in applications.

You could easily modify a clip using the smartphone’s essential software. You can use two different iPhone built-in applications to minimize your films on your device:

Photos Application To Edit Videos

The Photos application is not a complex clip editing application. Still, it enables several simple video adjustments when all you need is a fast repair before posting to networking platforms.

Cutting a movie to render it narrower is something that the Photos application accomplishes exceptionally quickly. You may cut your short clip utilizing the Camera application by taking these guidelines:

  • Select the clip you like to modify and press Edit in the Camera application.
  • From the display, touch the clip camera symbol.
  • Did you notice the sliding beneath the clip? Keep your thumb on any bars and move it inward to reduce your snippet efficiently.
  • Once you get accomplished, touch done.
  • A selection will display in the form of a pop-up. Select Keep Clip or Export Clip as Fresh Video based on your choices.

iMovie to Edit Videos on iPhones

Utilizing the iMovie program on your device to compress films is a great option. It provides an appropriate clip trimmer for individual and business videos to attain the desired length. 

  • Launch iMovie and touch the + symbol to import your visual content.
  • After selecting your clip segments, press Generate Movie, the chronology will show underneath your clip-on display.
  • Choose your clip from your Multimedia collection and then touch Generate Movie.
  • In the modifying box, select the clip sequence box.
  • To modify your video smaller, drag the beginning and end-points of the timeline.
  • Once you get completed, click the done option.

Splitting Video

  • Launch iMovie on your smartphone and choose the clip you wish to cut.
  • The chronology will show beneath your clip. The vertical white bar is the playing header, wherever any present altering occurs. Drag the header with your fingers to the location wherever you intend to cut your clip.
  • Touch the playing head, and at the base of the display, select Splitting.
  • iMovie will make a transition between the two freshly made videos.
  • Drag the video on your video chronology with your fingers. Remove your fingers from the clip once it is in the appropriate place.
  • Press the Done button to export your film in iMovie.
  • Select the upload symbol to add your movie to your camera roll collection.

Bottom Line

Yes, altering video clips requires some practice. However, most basic changes may get accomplished using a mixture of the Photos application and iMovie. All you need are some clips and some imagination. Visit to read more great content about the world of technology. 



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