How To Change Shipping Address on eBay [At Check Out]

How to change shipping address on eBay

This guide will demonstrate to you how to change shipping address on eBay. eBay is a top digital marketplace recognized for its bidding and purchaser transactions. It is indeed a powerful selling platform for internet vendors. You could, though, input your zip code to find obtainable things in your region.

You may also look for items that are accessible in your country or throughout the world. Anyone may create a free eBay profile and advertise or purchase products. When you open a seller’s profile, you will incur expenses such as advertising fees.

The amount you offer your products for and the length of time you advertise them determine the price. On several occasions, the eBay purchaser requests that the item get delivered to a particular address. 

Read more about how eBay works and how to alter your shipping address on eBay.

Sellers may use the eBay digital shop to exhibit all their products in one location. They are increasingly akin to typical internet storefronts than separate eBay advertising.

Organizations may effectively demonstrate their branding with eBay retailers by setting up their websites. Hit on the red entrance symbol beside the seller’s login Name if you notice one. You’ll get directed straight to their eBay page.

The platform automatically sends your primary delivery address to the supplier when purchasing items. However, you can choose another location or enter a fresh one at the completion.

In the Destinations area of your eBay, you could locate all of the locations you utilize on eBay, like your registered location and primary delivery location. It’s advisable to check over your addresses daily and change any you don’t actively use. From the payment screen, you can easily add or amend your information. Let’s look at how to change shipping address on eBay.

How To Change Shipping Address On eBay?

Because eBay doesn’t quite enable you to amend the destination for an item that has recently gets placed, you must make the required adjustments before making your acquisition. If you wish to modify your eBay postal address, execute the following steps:

  • Sign in to eBay and go to the Modify Delivery Addresses section. To change the location, select the Modify Address link beside it. Complete the information and choose Ship to Current Location to preserve your adjustments.
  • Complete the Add a Fresh Location form on the Modify Delivery Locations section to add a new auxiliary delivery address. eBay would display your primary delivery address by standard throughout the purchase procedure. It must be the location where you want to receive the bulk of your purchases. But, throughout the purchase process, eBay shows a Modify Location option that allows shipping to an alternate destination, including a workplace or a vacation home.
  • To complete setting your new auxiliary location, choose a nation, provide your identity, address, and contact information, and then press Add Fresh Location.
  • To remove a delivery location from your profile, select the Remove Address button beside it.
  • Set one of your alternative delivery destinations, the major one, by selecting Choose Main beside it.

Understand that altering your eBay location or eBay delivery costs after your order is not permitted. Therefore, you must generally try to make adjustments when you acquire or later to prevent difficulty. Also, remember that eBay would not repay you if you did not supply the correct location; therefore, you need to know how to change shipping address on eBay

How To Change Shipping Address On eBay At Checkout?

Always double-check your location information before completing your order. If you require to modify your postal address, go to the Deliver to tab and click Modify. You may then select one of the locations associated with your profile or enter a new one.

  • Click Add a Fresh Location and fill in your new designation.
  • Choose to save as the leading destination if you want to keep this location your primary postal destination.
  • Click Add.

To change an older location, complete these steps:

  • Click Modify beside the designation to change your credentials and click Save.

They’ll save any new addresses you provide at payment, so you wouldn’t need to input them repeatedly later.

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The eBay delivery destination is where you wish your acquired things shipped. The standard delivery destination is your primary delivery location whenever you place an item. Consequently, this must be the location you utilize to get the majority of your eBay purchases.

Surprisingly, you may modify your eBay mailing address before checking out. During the purchase procedure, eBay brazenly provides a Modify Location link to assist you in deciding whether to deliver to an alternative destination, including a workplace or a vacation home.

Note: You won’t be able to amend the postal address you entered after checkout whether it is wrong. However, notify the vendor ASAP by clicking Communicate the supplier on the shipping details section of the purchase.

eBay Service

In the event of a profitable selling of a product, every seller gives a commission. Vendors also receive extra premium features. eBay operations are free for purchasers. To begin with, eBay is appealing as a budget buying destination.

Clothing and footwear from well-known companies, computers, cellphones, beauty products and fragrances, vehicle components, and many other items may be purchased here not just inexpensively but practically for close to none.

Their items are available from both independent merchants and giant corporations. Several goods are available straight from producers through registered eBay storefronts.

Bottom Line

eBay’s addressing guideline enables consumers to modify their postal destination before purchasing. You cannot alter your eBay delivery address Once you’ve finished your checkout. To utilize your alternative delivery address to get your things, click “Set Preference” beside your alternative mailing addresses. Suppose you require the product acquired at another location. In that case, you will also receive the product at the designation mentioned in your eBay profile and redeliver it to another destination.



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