How To Remove Black Spot On iPhone Screen? [SOLVED]

How to remove black spot on iPhone screen

The presence of black spots on the iPhone screen might make it difficult to view and use the device. We want to show you how to remove black spot on iPhone screen quickly and simply from your screen. But it’s one of those events when you spend too much time on the phone! You are not intended to cope with this issue! This article will take you through each point in the method.

The issue is that such black stains are difficult to remove and make the phone appear unclean. It’s not only unattractive; it might also indicate a more significant problem with your equipment. Now, let us begin.

Why Is There A Black Area On The Screen Of My iPhone?

Have you seen a black spot mainly on the screen of your iPhone? Your screen becomes extremely susceptible when it is cracked. If a fracture in the display is the cause of the black spot, the device will have to be fixed or replaced. W

hen a black spot appears on your screen, you should know how to remove black spot on iPhone screen and have it replaced immediately. Your iPhone could have a protective case on one, and the black area is where the protection doesn’t precisely fit the screen.

It might be a symptom of liquid injury if a black dot is in the center of your phone. It might be an electrical problem or a defective touch sensor because it’s at the top or bottom. If it doesn’t work, you might have to leave your phone at an Apple shop for help.

If none of these reasons match, you’re likely seeing an overlapped picture of another screen. It might also be minor screen troubles with your iPhone, and you might try changing your screen’s brightness and contrast.

If none of the above ways work for you for solving how to remove black spot on iPhone screen, take your iPhone to a professional for screen repair or replacement, and they’ll remove the black spots for you.

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How To Remove Black Spot on iPhone Screen?

There are several methods for removing black spots from an iPhone screen. And here are some suggestions regarding how to remove black spot on iPhone screen. In this part, we’ll teach you how to remove black spot on iPhone screen effortlessly? Let’s take a closer look.

Method 1: Wipe the iPhone’s screen clean

It’s critical to keep your phone clean. To wipe the display, you should use a microfiber cloth. Use a dry cloth and glass cleaner to clean your screen. Avoid using paper towels since they are too harsh on the screen.

It would be best if you also prevented using domestic cleansers since they might harm an iPhone’s display quality. If we don’t cleanse the phone regularly, it might become dirty and sticky.

Method 2: Remove any residue from the screen

The phone may be dusty, blocking your visibility of a screen. If your phone doesn’t have a screen protector, anything might be stuck behind the screen. Firstly, seeing if anything comes loose, softly blowing through into the bottom of your phone is essential in learning how to remove black spot on iPhone screen.

Only rubbing ethanol (isopropyl) and a dry, fabric softener sheets cloth or paper towel are required. Use a swab or a soft brush soaked in alcohol to clean the screen.

You can quickly remove those irritating black spots with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth without hurting your display or leaving any mark. Another option on how to remove black spot on iPhone screen is to try to remove the impurities or dust that is generating the black spot with a toothpick.

Method 3: Repairing LCD bleed

It’s also conceivable that the device has a flaw, and the screen is creating black areas. Because the iPhone uses an LCD, the black area appears and is known as LCD bleed.

A crack or break in the display, either from a severe knock or another event that reveals the bottom LCD panel, is usually the cause of black patches. It resulted in liquid leaking from the display technology (LCD). Because it will probably spread slowly, you should have it corrected as soon as possible.

As a result, seek expert assistance to know how to remove black spot on iPhone screen. The manufacturers might well be able to restore or exchange the screen if and when the phone is now under warranty. If the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover the phone, a 3rd repair provider may very well be able to replace the display for a cost.

Method 4: Repairing pixel damage

A shattered pixel might cause black patches on your iPhone’s screen. A faulty pixel is just a screen pixel that is not functioning correctly and produces a black patch on the screen.

The black spots would grow over your device’s screen like an ink stain as more pixels are affected. Can dead pixels be removed? Dead pixels can be removed. PixelFix is a piece of software that can help you fix a damaged pixel.

Learning how to remove black spot on iPhone screen involves the PixelFix program, which repairs damaged pixels on a computer screen. Some dead pixels may be rectified with software tweaks, whereas others need hardware replacement. If you’re not sure, we recommend seeing a professional.

What should you avoid when removing black spot on iPhone screen?

If you attempt to fix the device yourself, you risk causing further harm and adding to the problem. The most excellent advice we can provide before using these procedures is to avoid damaging your iPhone’s screen with dirty fingers — it will only make things worse!

The most appealing display of your phone, but it is also the most sensitive. This is why it needs extra caution and attention when deciding how to remove black spot on iPhone screen. Whenever touching something on your phone, make sure any moisture has dried completely. When you’re working, wash your hands.

Is it possible to repair a leaking iPhone screen?

A leaking phone screen may be repaired. Only a little super glue and a few mins of your time are required. To preserve the screen from additional damage, clean it first and then put a sealant on it. Just make sure the adhesive doesn’t go on the screen; otherwise, it would be hard to see what’s going on.


It might be tough to remove black stains from your iPhone’s screen. We think you now understand the numerous ways how to remove black spot on iPhone screen. We hope you find one of our recommendations helpful! Thank you for your time.



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