How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone Without A Fuss

How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone

As a kid in the 21st century, it is quite typical and expected for children to own a phone. But sometimes this may not be normal or appealing to parents. That is why it makes it hard to convince your parents to get you a phone. But learning how to convince your parents to get you a phone can make things easier for you.

Most parents will not agree to get you a phone if you are in early adolescence, though it is normal. Most parents think children are not supposed to have a phone is because of the generational gap. Also, maybe because of the safety issues and parents think it’s inappropriate for a kid to own a phone. Back in the 19th century it was not commonly seen.

Mobile phones have made it convenient for children to learn in vastly different areas for academic purposes and to gain knowledge. Still, as much as the good side of children owning a phone, there can also be the bad side. There are chances children may misuse the smart device and go astray, it can also be distracting, and children are prone to get addicted which is not safe if the screen time is over-used.

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Pros And Cons Of Children Having A Mobile Phone

As previously stated, a child having a phone has its good and bad sides; it could be for the greater good or the worst. Though it is tough as a parent to decide the right time to allow children to have a phone, it is better to understand the pros and cons before the circumstances.

We must realize how mobile phones have made our lives more convenient and more accessible. This could be taken as one of the major pros and considerations if you are finding a convincing and honest way to get children a phone.

Why A Child Should Have A Phone

The mobile phone is used for emergencies; as a child grows, they might have more commitments than in junior school. For example, they might start to engage in sports, extra-curricular activities, or other events that might make an emergency to contact you or the official emergency unit of the state.

When a child has a mobile phone, it helps keep the parents updated about a child’s whereabouts, stay connected, and they can be reached quickly in an emergency. If a child has a phone, it also teaches them the skill to be responsible with expensive devices. It allows them to learn how to maintain a device safely without damaging or misplacing it and stay within the safety boundaries regarding technology.

Why A Child Should Have A Phone

Maintaining screen time for children has always been an arduous task for parents and children since the chances are high for children to get addicted to technology. Because of this, it has brought adverse effects on a child’s brain development, behavioural patterns, and practical and social life.

Children also undergo different medical conditions when they spend the time on the time for long hours, such as computer vision syndrome, which can damage the child’s eyesight. Since the devices do not involve you in any physical activity, children tend to suffer from obesity, leading to various other health problems, diabetes or cholesterol.

Daily movements boost the brain, which helps development, but since mobile devices have made things more accessible, it does not allow the brain to grow and use its potential. Children using smart devices show a slow development in academics because of the inactivity that hinders the child’s intelligence and reduces their learning abilities.

Children using smart devices show a negative impact on brain development; according to the studies, it leads the child to show aggressive behaviour. This is because of the damage caused to the brain development, which causes enhanced impulsivity, cognitive delays, and the inability of self–regulation.

How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone

From the above facts, it’s justifiable for your parents to decide when it is best to get you a phone. If you are old enough to handle the consequences and have a valid reason, you can try your best to convince your parents.

  • The first thing you can do to convince your parent to get you a phone is to show that you are eligible and responsible enough to handle the smart device. Try not to get addicted to your smart devices and limit your screen time. Keep yourself civilized and well maintained to show you are mature and can take things yourself.
  • Try suggesting to them about you getting a phone but be polite. Suggest to them it’s better if you get the phone. Bring valid points to the table that support your reasons why you need a mobile phone. For example, you could say you need it for emergencies or to study.
  • Wear your parents’ shoes and speak to them regarding their financial stability and expenditures. Speak direct and genuinely about their concerns as a parent
  • Ask directly and be polite. Have strong opinions about why you need a phone at the moment, and justify your reasons.
  • Please wait for the right time. Ensure they are in the right mood, not busy or stressed. Wait for them to relax after work.
  • Suggest splitting the cash to buy the phone from your savings. This sets the example that you are old enough to handle expenses, and you can win their trust easily.


Convincing parents to get you a phone is easy if communicated correctly by bringing valid reasons to the table. Parents only try to give the best to you, so try to look through their perspective. Be patient and compromise when you try to convince your parents.

The article explains how to convince your parents to get you a phone and gives you an insight into the pros and cons of children having a phone, including the good and the bad side.

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