Wanna Know Who Liked Your YouTube Video? We Got Your Covered

how to see who liked your youtube video

YouTube is the most popular online video-sharing site, with over 2 billion regular members. There’s intense competition for views with almost 15 years of public material. Youtube stars, bloggers, and major companies are vying for viewership and likes. If you use YouTube, you’ve undoubtedly questioned why you can’t view the individuals who have commented on your videos. You might be thinking about how to see who liked your youtube video?

It’s why we have come to clear up some of your doubts and present you with the most acceptable answers to the questions raised above.

What Is A YouTube Video Like?

You may use the Youtube statistics counter to see how many people have watched your videos. It’s a simple way to see if what you’re doing is popular. If you get a lot of views, that’s great – but if no one watches, that’s frustrating. The only drawback is that the number of likes on a post isn’t visible.

The Like/Dislike option comes in helpful in this situation. It’s just a simple thumbs down or up that informs Youtube if the video was worth viewing and offers you insight into what other folks think about it. So, if you’re curious about who loved the YouTube videos, take these steps:

  • Log into YouTube using your Gmail account by clicking the ‘Login’ symbol in the top right corner of the screen. It will take you to their homepage, where you can see who liked your video.
  • Establish one by clicking the ‘Login Up’ link in the menu bar’s bottom-left corner if you don’t have such an account. Now sign back into YouTube with the new credentials via email or username credentials stored in Safari’s password storage.
  • Below the video player, you should see a ‘Liked’ button and a counter displaying how many people enjoyed this clip.

Try Youtube Editor, an enhanced version of their former editor, only available on specific mobile devices. Now, if you wish to make modifications to your YouTube account.

It won’t let you edit films longer than 15 minutes, but it’ll be enough for small clips and music videos.

How To See Who Liked Your Youtube Video?

The answer to your above question of How To See Who Liked Your Youtube Video is a resounding no!

Your YouTube videos receive many comments and likes, and you’re left wondering who all these people are. Unfortunately, YouTube prohibits the uploading of like and dislike statistics to protect people safe.

The name of the individual who liked your comments is unimportant to YouTube’s technology. It keeps track of the number of those who have already and now enjoyed your work. The number of followers and pageviews on your YouTube videos keeps track of these figures. So, even if your channel has a lot of dislikes, YouTube may not punish you if you have a lot of view time and interaction.

However, this means that people who dislike your video are more likely not to suggest your content to others.

As a result, YouTube will only show video creators the total amount of likes and dislikes. As a result, users must provide artists honest feedback so they may express themselves without feeling obligated to think of creators as friends or anybody they know.

Can Your YouTube Comments Help You In Any Way?

Yes is the straightforward response to the question. The theory is that if someone else commented on the video, there’s a reasonable probability they loved it as well. How did we get to this conclusion?

As you can see, no one has an excellent chance to pause and comment on a video. Unless they are genuinely enamored with it or a YouTube audience has roasted you. As a result, they appreciate the video if someone leaves a remark.

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Are YouTube Metrics Helpful?

  • Increase Fame Time

When someone watches your film for an extended amount of time, it’s usually a positive indicator. When your watch time grows, you may see who loved the YouTube video in mass by looking at the watch time graph! It indicates that the YouTube video does have the ability to earn and attract a large number of new viewers effortlessly.

  • Channel Growth

Using an audience statistic, you can quickly determine where your video gets discovered in significant numbers. Did you know that such a measure may also choose the gender and age of each viewer? You may use this information to create videos tailored to your target audience.

  • Impressions Click-Through Rate

The number of times people who click on the video gets tracked by Youtube. How frequently are viewers motivated to engage for every video placement, whether on your homepage, suggested, or trending? For a high click-through rate, a great thumbnail and a compelling storyline are essential components (CTR).

  • Actions Per Video

It’s critical to determine if your viewers listen if your video features a contact or hyperlinks you want them to follow. Assume you’re trying to sell a product via a link or ask people to follow your work on another site. In such a situation, you’ll need viewers motivated to perform.

Unfortunately, this is not an option in Youtube Analytics, and however, it is a valuable tool for businesses and companies. You may use a link monitor to calculate how so many viewers click on your youtube links until Youtube upgrades its measurement choices.

Final Thoughts

Some people may have approached you and asked you to download a link or visit a website to see who liked your YouTube remark. Don’t be fooled by any of it: it’s impossible to How To See Who Liked Your Youtube Video. We can only rejoice in the knowledge someone out there believes in our viewpoints until YouTube decides to divulge the identities of people who like comments.



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