How to Put a Cursor on Tumblr? [Easy Steps]

how to put a cursor on tumblr

Tumblr is an amazing social media platform for micro-bloggers worldwide. To make the content attractive, you can add various features to your content on Tumblr. Similarly, you can enjoy blogging if you put a fancy cursor like a cartoon face, isn’t it? So today, we are going to reveal how to put a cursor on Tumblr step by step. You can put a cursor easily with the help of a website that provides beautiful cursors within a few clicks. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl; there are a bunch of different cursors in various themes to choose from as you wish.

Can I Change the Cursor on Tumblr?

Yes, it is possible to change the default cursor on Tumblr with the support of other websites. Apart from cursors, you are able to customize blog icons, background styles, and many other features on your blogs.

They are highly beneficial to add value to your blog because the viewers do not get bored; they can enjoy your blogs with different features. So, Tumblr can be known as a 100% user-friendly social media platform.

Can I Change the Cursor on Tumblr

How to Put a Cursor on Tumblr? 

You have to visit a website in order to add or change the cursor on Tumblr. You do not need to pay a fee or subscription payment to get a new cursor. There are numerous websites that provide such features for Tumblr, so you can follow these steps to grab your favorite cursor.

  1. First, you need to visit a website. We recommend www.cursors-4u.comT
  2. go to the website, then you will see its homepage. And you need to go to its sidebar.
  3. In the sidebar, there is a list of categories. There are cursors in different themes such as food, games, cartoons, sports, nature, etc. Select the category you want from the list.
  4. After you select a category, you will go to its page. Then you will see a bunch of cursors. You can choose whichever you prefer.
  5. When you click on the cursor you want, scroll down the page. Then there is an option to download the cursor with some other details.
  6. You should not tap on the ‘Download’ link. There are four tabs. You should tap on the second tab, ‘Tumblr.’ then you will see three options that are available on the website to get a cursor.
  7. If you go for the first option, you have to go to the ‘Customize’ tab on your Tumblr page. Then you need to tap on ‘Advance.’ then you can paste the link which provides the underneath the text area of ‘Add Custom CSS.’ finally, you can save it.
  8. The second option is similar to the above one. You need to copy the code, which you can see in the box. Then you should tap on the ‘Customize’ tab on your Tumblr page. There, you can paste the html code in the description box. Save the code to apply your new cursor.
  9. According to the instructions in the 3rd option, you should go to the ‘Customize’ tab and ‘Edit HTML.’ then you can paste the html code at the bottom of that page. To update the new cursor, tap on ‘Update Preview.’ next, tap on ‘Appearance’ and ‘Save.’

Accordingly, it takes only a few minutes to apply a new fancy cursor to your Tumblr page. After you complete the above procedure, you can visit your Tumblr page to check whether the new cursor has been added.

How to Create Sparkle Cursors on Tumblr?

Sparkle cursors are wonderful since they can move around on the blog in different shades. It creates a trail of vivid colored sparkles on the content. There is a sparkle cursor code on Tumblr, so you can let it in your blog within a few clicks. To add this cool feature, follow these instructions.

  1. First, you have to type this phrase in your search bar on Tumblr – ‘#sparkle cursor.’
  2. When you tap on the ‘Enter’ button, you will be able to review the posts of other bloggers.
  3. Then find a sparkle cursor you want to add to your blog. Then highlight your favorite one and copy using the keys ‘Ctrl + C.’
  4. Now you can insert the particular code to the blog with the help of Tumblr’s Theme Editor. In order to do that, first, select the blog you wish to apply the cursor. Then tap on ‘Customize’ to access the editor.
  5. Now you will see an option called ‘Edit HTML; tap on it. You can find it near the theme’s thumbnail.
  6. When you tap on it, you can edit the html screen. You have to paste the copied link in the correct place, so locate the relevant tag first. There is a tag as <head> above the theme’s code.
  7. Then you should place your cursor at the spot after the > on the right side. Next, the ‘Enter’ key should be pressed two times to paste the link.
  8. Now you can paste the link using the keys ‘Ctrl’ + ‘V.’
  9. You need to confirm whether the code is working or not. So, tap on ‘Update Review.’ after that, move the cursor on the preview pane. Then you can confirm its availability.
  10. As the last step, you should tap on ‘Save’ to save the change on your blog.

Now, you have successfully added the sparkle cursor code to your blog. Most people make some mistakes when they paste the link. Always make sure to paste it next to the <head> tag. If you see an error code or something, visit the ‘Recover Custom Theme Page’ on Tumblr to revise the action.


Tumblr is a user-friendly social media site for microblogging. There are numerous ways to make the content attractive to viewers. Among them, fancy cursors have become a trend on Tumblr. If you use the above-recommended website, you can get an awesome cursor as you wish. The service is free, and the method you have to follow is very simple. Moreover, there is a chance to apply sparkle cursors on Tumblr blogs.

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